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Jul 16 10

Cheap Flights and Beaches In Lagos

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There are many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters in Lagos forming a lovely series of sandy and shining atmosphere which is admired by the tourists and visitors. The city lies besides the Atlantic Ocean and the oceanic view of this city gives her a wonderful touch as far as the travel and tourism is concerned. Therefore the picturesque beauty of well developed city with striking beaches gives a fabulous view for those booking their cheap Lagos flights for this fascinating city. Many activities like kayaking, game fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports are a major source of fun and recreation. Some of the beautiful beaches in Lagos are as follows;

Akodo Beach
Bar Beach

1) – Akodo Beach
This beach of Lagos is located near the coastal area which is apart from the city center of Lagos and is situated nearby a famous point known as Lekki Epe Express forming a sophisticated destination for fishing, scuba diving, water skiing and other water sports. There is also a fun place near by this which is famous for yachting. The tourists traveling from London to Lagos or from any other place of the world through their cheap flights to Lagos reside near by the coastal village which contains many restaurants and hotels of international standard.

2) – Bar Beach

One of the outstanding beaches in Lagos, bar beach is located on Victoria Island, and is considered one of the glamorous and outstanding beaches in the state. This name of this beach is given to it because of the sand bars which are spread all along the coastal area thus providing an opportunity of different activities like water skiing, kayaking, boating and game fishing and provides a source of water sports as well. The tourists traveling to this beautiful city book their cheap flights to Lagos for making this trip a memorable one with lots of activities to perform through out the day.

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Jun 15 10

Cheap Flights and Shopping Malls in Johannesburg

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One of the major things that no other city in the country can offer like except Johannesburg is shopping. There are many different shopping centers and plazas in the  city widely open for customer services and offering the low prices by providing discounts as well. Some of those are upmarket Sandton Shopping Centre and Nelson Mandela Square to the fun Oriental Plaza, Rosebank Flea Market, and Joburg which is a shopper’s paradise. Many visitors who enjoyed their cheap flights to Johannesburg visit these plazas and purchase any kind of stuff needed and also buy things for there dear ones.

Some of the major plazas and shopping malls which are most popular and common for the tourists and visitors to come across and shop anything of their choice are as follows;

Oriental Plaza
Sandton City
Bedford Centre
Westgate center
Eastgate center
Cresta Mall
Rosebank square
Southgate Center
Fourways Mall

The visitors or tourists can also find many smaller shops and departmental stores apart from the afore mentioned malls and plazas. These plazas and shopping malls differ in their range and capacity of both the buyer and the products. Different people having different buying capacity but having same cheap flights to Johannesburg shop from different places of their choice.

Along with the usual assortment of shops Johannesburg is also home to the famous Rosebank Rooftop Flea Market which is considered excellent among all African Craft Markets. Different classes buy according to their individual capacity as for many years the more working-class of Johannesburg, the Westgate center was considered the most suitable one but slowly and gradually things changed. Likewise many places like shopping malls and plazas which are considered a major source of a tourist’s attraction are some how virtually unknown to foreign visitors, yet offers a pleasant shopping experience with branches from most of the major chain stores – the only exception really being a good bookstore. That’s why tourists who visit this city always prefer to opt for the cheap flights to Johannesburg.  This is better practice to must use internet searching to find air tickets from at discounted prices.  If you are in London then you can find cheap flights to Johannesburg at 7 Continents Travel.

Jun 4 10

Flights to Abuja

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Getting to Abuja or moving around Abuja is as very simple as the visitors in the city can benefit several kinds of modern means of transportation to move about the city. Abuja, the newer capital city of Nigeria, is one of the main tourist hotspots in the world. Further, being the capital city, central worthy and government representatives land in the city almost every day. Air travel or by road are the two means of getting to Abuja.

International tourists from all over the world landing at Nigeria definitely favor this means of transportation. The airport of Abuja is called Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, receives daily hundreds of flights to Abuja from national and international destinations. The airport is the center of local and international flights. Several airlines such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways run daily flights from the airport. Local airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Bell view execute daily flight services many times to domestic destinations like Lagos and Port Harcourt.

The main roadways in the city are in very good condition and well joined to several destinations in the country. Tourist bus services are operated from cities like, Lagos, Kano and Port Harcourt to Abuja.

Full air-conditioned bus services are available for tourists to make relaxed journey. Day trips are suggested so that one can notice the splendor of the city’ sights. Tourists may experience the alteration from the cityscape to the country side which is very gorgeous.

Air travel means flying through flights to Abuja is the feasible method of landing to the country.
For tourism sakes, the tourists may take a car rental services. This attractive city has various attractive places to visit which are simply accessible traveling by car. The city maintains firm driving rules and one involves following them. Drivers from various regions of the world should know those rules prior to driving in the city.

Dec 25 09

Tickets for Flights to Nigeria

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This post is by a leading traveling organization dealing in air tickets and holiday packages for Nigeria. These are one stop offers with standard quality services for discounted air fares for flights to Nigeria from UK.

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Designing a cheaper or winning package is not a simple process. You need a traveling and holidays experts team which works hard and get bargain flights rate from the airlines, deals with hotel managements and other tourist operators.

Online booking system launch on the website of most of the traveling companies sites enable you to confirm your seat from any part of the world for any destination.

This system is being applyed successfully in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, South Africa, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and other developed countries in Europe.

By the virtue of ATOL online purchasing process of flight tickets or other traveling products is secure and reliable.

If you are looking for the companies offering cheap flights to Nigeria just search on the net. Type just cheap flights to Nigeria then you would find a list of many websites providing information about airlines or they selves provide these.

Though beaches of Nigeria are not so popular but the natural attractions and beauty sights they provide it is difficult to find in any other part of Africa.

Nigeria is progressing rapidly and right now has main status in Africa. Life styles of the citizen are more near to nature. Their sympathy and politeness are shown by their accent.

A mix African classical and modern European civilization is also found in Nigerian culture.

If you are looking to book your seat never forget to buy air tickets for cheap flights to Nigeria. Your saving on tickets can enable you reduce your overall traveling expanses.

Nov 23 09

Hello all members

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Hello All member

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This is my first blog and I am feeling really lucky and pleased  while writing my first post in this blog entry.

Nov 23 09

My first post!

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